Thanks to bug reports from Lukas and Blink, I was “forced” to quickly release the new v1.7. It can be downloaded from here: (v.17 beta2; 717kB)

There are no new features compared to the first beta (except very basic text search feature – not yet tested much), but some bugs are hopefully corrected.

(I want to reveal one ‘secret’ to mr. Blink and others that want to write math and text using different font formatting (math in italic font, plain text in normal font) – You  should choose the “mixed formatting mode” by clicking on the ‘M’ item in the toolbox. This formatting mode will  then be used for math typing – set it to italic. However whenever you convert to plain text typing, software will ignore the ‘M’ settings – instead it will force using ‘U’ settings. Set ‘U’ formatting mode to normal font. This way whenever you type math, the software will use ‘M’ settings and whenever you type plain text, the software will use ‘U’ settings.)

Mr. Blink, if you are reading posts here, please contact me on or – I would like to include your name into the Math-o-mir about box.