I decided to upload 1.7 beta and you can download it from here: http://www.datafilehost.com/download-b424fd48.html

This is a very early beta. I hope I will receive a lot of comments and suggestions before final release. News are:

  • basic bitmap support – You can paste bitmaps into MoM or load them from file (at the moment the bitmap object is represented as a simple rectanlge in the toolbox)
  • basic hyperlink support – you can convert text or math into hyperlinks that open files, web sites…
  • there is a button to align equations on the equal sign. Select equations and right-click to the selection…
  • there is a button to distribute objects vertically. Select object and right-click to the selection…
  • it is possible now to add double dot over variables
  • a new math element is implemented – vertical bar with function on the left side (useful for integration limits)
  • objects can now be resized with aspect ratio intact if you hold the SHIFT key while you are dragging resizing handles
  • further keyboard handling improvements: cursor navigation in integrals, no text-to-math mode changing after inserting math symbols into text boxes.