In the latest version of the Math-o-mir software (v1.62 build 2) I decided to propose new math notation to present numbers that are not displayed to their full precision but, instead, are displayed to limited precision having their last digit rounded. For example, we could write: sqrt(8)=2.83. Of course, the 2.83 is not the exact value but it might be that two decimal places is more than enough for our needs and so we don’t  bother using the ‘approximate equal’ sign. 

In Math-o-mir, using the ‘approximate equal’ sign after almost every calculation would generate complete mess. Because of this the Math-o-mir uses simple equal sign even if, for readability reasons, it cuts values to few decimal places only. Unfortunately, although keeping numbers small and readable is a nice feature, sometimes it is really necessary to know whether a result of a computation is exact or approximate. For this reason i introduced the new notation – pale tilde sign just below the last digit on numbers that are rounded for readability reasons.


Above is an example of how it looks in Math-o-mir. Afer calculating square root of eight, the result displayed is 2.83 (with tilde below). After I requested higher precision, the 2.8284 was displayed (still with tilde below). Finally I was satisfied with the 2.828427 (although it still contains the tilde below its last digit).

I think the proposed notation is clear to anyone. By using the pale color for the tilde sign the readability is not compromised… I discussed this notation briefly on the (see discussion here), and there were other suggestions too. At the end I decided to use the ‘ tilde under the last digit’.