Few weeks ago I was contacted by mr. Laurent Hivon. He proposed translating Math-o-mir to French – a brave proposal. Yesterday, he sent me the translated user manual. Fantastic!

You can download the “Manuel de l’utilisateur” v1.61 from the homepage…. I must say I didn’t expect the translated version so soon – thanks Laurent, a pleasant surprise. I hope we will also translate the software itself, although I am not sure what would be the best way to do it.

Anyway, I am interested in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian… If anybody wants to translate to other languages, please contact me. Of course, your work doesn’t have to be as complete as Laurent’s was. We can prepare just a several page long brief document in your language. Everything helps. (I am even interested in English language, as mine is far from perfect).


I still didn’t release the 1.62 version. The new version is finished, there are some practical problems I have with internet access.