I was briefly visiting the exuberant blog even before, but somehow missed its 1:1 laptops serial. The serial is about using laptops in math classroom and is exactly what I was looking for. As a result, I must list these articles here:

(Oops, I missed the GeoGebra article 😉 – but only because it is less relevant for my blog, not because I don’t like GeoGebra). Anyway, I hope that mr. Edward Nordin Zuber will continue informing us about using laptops in his classroom. Hopefully he will try the Math-o-mir eventually and let us know.

Back to reality now… I am preparing the official Math-o-mir release v1.62. I am thinking to change some rendering properties (making presentation-mode formulas and text appear more spacious) which could change appearance of already existing documents. Hope that established users will not get too angry.