[UPDATED: This post is updated due to bug in beta4 version – beta5 was urgently released]

I released v1.62 beta5. This beta can be downloaded from http://www.datafilehost.com/download-773cb173.html

New features:

  • One can use comma as a decimal separator. To enable comma usage, set the “Options->Keyboard->Allow comma as decimal separator”. I intentionally didn’t  respect windows regional settings.
  • Toolbox accelerator table is expanded and improved.
  • One can scroll the document by using mouse wheel if the mouse pointer is hovering over the vertical scroll bar.
  • Several new operators are added
  • The ||  || parentheses (double-bar) are now possible. However, I removed rarely used  \  \ parentheses (backslash).
  • A horizontal curly brace can now be drawn below any part of an expression (see decoration options)
  • The function plotter is somewhat improved – you can stretch X and Y coordinate axis by mouse click-and-drag
  • Some keyboard handling is improved regarding math/text mixing
  • CTRL+S option is implemented to quickly save your document
  • “Options->Selections->Wide keyboard cursor” option is added to choose wide-style blinking cursor.

I nicknamed this version ‘velociraptor’ because it is dedicated to direct-from-the-blackboard-rapid-math-typing.

[For those interested, a bug in beta4 version acted on some computers and disallowed choosing context menu options under some circuimstances.]