Would you write pi as “3.14” or “3,14”?  Obviously, it depends in the country you live.

I don’t like using comma separation… for example 3,14 is a single number, while 3, 14 is a list of two numbers. Furthermore, 3,4, 5,7 is also a list of two numbers. The space that follows the comma is important because it tells if the comma is used as a decimal separator, or as a list separator. But it is not easy to spot the space in all cases. A possible solution would be using semicolon (;) instead of coma as a list separator (3,4; 5,7).

What makes me  angry is the fact that SI allows both. Why didn’t they opt for one of these symbols only – the dot preferably.

Until now, in Math-o-mir software, I only supported the dot as a decimal separator. However, now I am preparing a new release, and I am thinking of supporting both. I could use “system settings” to decide what symbol is to be used, but for some irrational reason I don’t like “system settings”. Maybe it would be better if I leave it for the user to choose from the Options menu.

So, if decimal commas are used, the user will have to hit the space bar if he/she wants to list numbers: like 1,<space>2,<space>3,<space>…. Or he/she will have to use semicolon instead: 1; 2; 3;…

For those who speak german, I am happy to link to first german-language short Math-o-mir review: http://blog.my-gate.net/2011/10/analog-vs-digital-mathematik-math-o-mir/ (thanks Lukas).