Win a free can of coke!  


Take your laptop to your math lesson (supposing that it is allowed). Use the Math-o-mir software to write down at least a 45-minute lecture. Do it directly on your computer – don’t use any pencil-and-paper writing.

Other rules:

  • try to write down at least 60% of what you would write down if you used a pencil. Ideally, your notes should be consistent enough for an educated person to guess what you are writing about.
  • after you finish, save your document as is (no post-lecture editing)
  • send the document (.mom file) to me:
  • include your full (real) name. Write a few words about yourself and math lessons you take.
  • write down few words about your observations: what was bothering and what was helpful (if anything) when using your laptop and this software.


  • as you are not allowed to take down any pencil-and-paper writing, take some time to know the software you are going to use. You don’t want to leave the class without any useful notes.

Winner and hers/his price:

  • whoever sends me the file first, obeying the rules, is the winner.
  • if you own a paypal account you can win some material price. I will pay you a can of coke (or a can of any other drinkable liquid, at modest price). Just inform me how much it costs in your country.
  • if you don’t own a paypal account and you don’t have any other means to receive small amount of money, then I will not be able to pay you. But you can still be declared the winner and enjoy the non-material price.
  • non-material price: declaring you a winner on this blog (with a link to what-ever, legal, URL you want). I can put some words about you and celebrate your name ;).


  • Just a can of coke! That’s nothing! …. Okay, if a coke is very cheap in your country, I will buy you half a dozen cans.
  • What if I am not going to be the first one?… If you provide any interesting and relevant material to me, and I decide to publish part of this material, then I will buy you a coke. However, you will not be declared winner.
  • How much time do I have?… This contest is open forever. After some time I will forget about it, so remind me please. BTW, I don’t expect much interest (the price is small) – take your time.
  • How do you know I am not cheating?… I don’t. I am a believer.