As I mentioned in my previous post, it was difficult to mix math formulas and a plain text in Math-o-mir. Urged by mister Lukas Dürrenberger, I issued this early beta to fix this issue. Download it from

You can now use ALT+SPACEBAR to toggle between math and text typing modes. The cursor color will change accordingly: blue cursor = math typing; green cursor = text typing… Note that math boxes and text boxes still exist, but you can now type math in a text box or text in a math box – just hit the ALT+SPACEBAR to change your cursor color.

So, why am I still making distinction between math boxes and text boxes? Because, they will behave somewhat different. For example, the Enter key in the text box will start a new line of text, while in a math box will start a separate math box. There are also differences while rendering tables/matrices.

SHIFT+SPACEBAR can also be used instead of ALT+SPACEBAR. There is a slight difference, however. The SHIFT+SPACEBAR will never change box type, while ALT+SPACEBAR will change the box type if it is empty.

Now, if you have any comment or suggestion, in hope to make math/text mixing simpler, let me know.

(BTW, this new beta version also has function-plotter somewhat improved. Especially its “analyzing” mode.)