I was contacted (thanks Antonio) because the Math-o-mir can crash while it is plotting functions. I was not surprised because I also noticed the same in several occasions. This reminded me to make this list of known bugs:

  1. Math-o-mir often crashes while plotting functions. This is especially true if more than one function plotters are used at the same time or when zoom in/out is used repetitively (repeated before the function is completely drawn)…. There are no fixes or workarounds. I can only recommend that you save your work more often if you are using function plotters.
  2. The toolbox will not follow the main window while you move the main window around the desktop or you maximize/restore the main window. This only happens on some systems (win 7 systems seems to be prone to this bug). This bug is not fatal, but is annoying.

In addition, yesterday my Math-o-mir crashed when I used the right-align command from the context menu. This never happened to me before… If there is anyone who thinks that the new version is less stable than earlier ones, please contact me.

In fact, please contact me if you know exactly how you can crash the Math-o-mir! This would be a very valuable piece of information.