It is year 2014. You turn on your TV and you find yourself in the middle of a heated TV debate. Again, this gray-haired professor asks its always-repeating question: “why the hell was he spending all these years to improve keyboard handling, he could add so many cool features instead!”

Yes, I am still struggling to improve keyboard handling of the Math-o-mir. Even the new 1.61 version will have this “improved keyboard handling” mantra added to its features list. In fact, the new 1.61 is going to be dedicated to this issue. You will be able to CTRL+X,C,V, paste plain text, open context menus, insert/delete/copy matrix rows/columns and do all other normal things that you usually do with your keyboard.

But, I can implement keyboard handling in many different ways, and I am much confused and undecided yet… For example, suppose that you want to type number “31.4”. You start by typing “31”, but then instead of typing period you mistype the comma sign. Now you have “31 ,”  (notice that Math-o-mir inserted the comma operator after the number 31). Automatically you hit the backspace and type “.4″… Unfortunately the result will be “31 * 0.4” instead of “31.4”… And there are many such examples.

Well, I opened this stub article on Wikipedia  But I am still waiting for more relevant Math-o-mir article and am always hoping for a serious and through review.