As I already said, in the latest Math-o-mir release (1.6) I added some features to improve its usability in classroom. Today, having math teachers on mind, I investigated the ‘sourrounding’… and I found that the software called GeoGebra rules the field. Indeed, this is a fine piece of software supported by amazingly large community. It is free, and, even more stunning, translated to Croatian language.

The GeoGebra is quite different from Math-o-mir. In the same classroom, so, for both of them there is a room…

And I found this What Powers The Classroom list of software recommendations directed by mr. Phil Wagner on its Broken Airplane blog. The Math-o-mir is on the list. Cool enough!


I am preparing the early 1.61 beta to be released in day or two. The reason is the ’embarassing bug’ that I already described here.