Sorry, but the new Math-o-mir 1.6 contains a really embarrassing bug. As you know, there is a new feature called ‘keyboard implanting’. Using your keyboard you can select a part of equation and then hit the ‘/’ key to put the fraction line below the selected part (…or press the ‘(‘ key to put selection into parentheses, or do other stuff…). However, you can also select a part of equation by hovering mouse pointer above it…

Unfortunately, as you can guess, it will happen that you accidentally move mouse pointer over the equation while you are editing it – then the nasty stuff will happen as soon as you hit any ‘keyboard implanting hot key’… At the moment, keep your mouse pointer away of equations you  are editing… The real problem is that I am not sure if this is bug at all. It can be useful feature sometimes. I will have to think what to do.

There are other bugs too, of course. For example, using the ‘rect width, height’ command in the drawing box. This command doesn’t work correctly if the zoom is not adjusted to 100% (1:1).

I am thinking about Leibniz’s notation lately. This stuff is cruel to formula-editing software. The ‘d’ operator behaves like nothing else. Leibniz notation lacks rigor.