Today I uploaded new beta version of Math-o-mir – the Math Classroom version. It can be downloaded from

Using this version, teachers are able to create math exams and give them to students in electronic form. How can this be done:

  1. Use Math-o-mir in regular way to write down your exam questions
  2. After you finished, go to File->Save As… and in the dialog box choose “MOM exam file” under “Save as type”. This way, the document will be saved in exam format.
  3. You will then be asked to provide a password. The password is not needed to open the exam file, but is needed to open exam result files created by students. In addition to password, you need to enter the time-limit for the exam and some math options.
  4. Tell your students to open the file, solve it, and then save results.
  5. Only teacher will be able to open any exam result file by providing the correct password. Nobody else will be able to look into an exam result file.

Anyone willing to test this beta? I am interested to hear your comments and requests. Please write comments here or mail at mathomir(at) Thank you very much. Note that this is beta version and bugs are likely. New ideas are welcome.

Edit on 2011-04-20: There are new features related to hand-drawing in the latest beta3 version:

  • drawing objects can now be freely rotated by mouse: select one or more objects, right-mouse-click at any sizing handle (red square) and then, holding the right mouse button, move your mouse around.
  • the SHIFT key can be held while drawing some shapes to achieve special effects: to draw perfect squares or circles, horizontal/vertical lines, equilateral triangles
  • two new tools for drawing isosceles triangles and right triangles are added
  • two new tools for drawing circle segments and circle sectors are added
  • center point to a circle/ellipse can be added: right-click on the circle/ellipse and choose “add center point” from context menu
  • ‘close path’ option is now available from context menu for open path curves

Added 29.04.2011

  • New functions are now added into toolbox: cot, arccot, sec, arcsec, cosec, csc, arccsc, coth, arcoth, sech, arsech, csch, arcsch
  • Any function (even one not found in the toolbox) can now be entered by typing commands in form: \function_name. For example, if you want to enter function called max(), you need to type command \max     – after you typed the command you will need to hit the space bar or open parentheses by hiting ‘(‘ key.
  • Some drawings (simple closed path drawings) can now be filled with solid color. To make this, you need to right-click on a closed path drawing and then choose the “Fill” option from the context menu. Functionality of this feature is quite limited.(Note that you can close an open path drawing by right-clicking on it and choosing ‘close path’ option from the context menu.)
  • Grid can now be added to coordinate system that was drawn using Cartesian-coordinate-system-drawing-tool. Draw the coordinate system, then right-click onto it and choose “Add grid lines” from the context menu. Resolution of greed lines will be equal to currently selected Math-o-mir grid resolution (see Options->Grid).