Well, the Math-o-mir is distributed as .zip file. This .zip file contains one single executable – the installation program called MOMsetup.exe.

I was notified that the installation program doesn’t always want to update the Math-o-mir version. For example, if you already had v1.52(build2) and you want to upgrade to 1.52(build4), it could happen that the installation program finishes without notifying you that the version is not updated. I believe that, for some reason, the installation program mistakenly comes to conclusion that there are no changes between two versions and leaves the old one intact.

If this happened to you, the fix is easy – first uninstall the old version and then install the new one. Anyway, I recommend that after installation you always look into the about box to check the version.

By the way, the installation program is created by the Inno Setup software that I like a lot.


I was suggested to better implement user-defined-functions. At the moment users can type variables and then convert them to functions by choosing appropriate context menu button. The suggestion is that user can type a command like \*func and this automatically get converted into function func(). I like this idea and I hope to implement it into the next version.