Too many users (at least I think there are too many) complain that Math-o-mir is not intuitive enough and therefore I am always struggling  to make it more intuitive. But I am missing good ideas.  Therefore I call everybody to submit any suggestion that will make this software more intuitive, less annoying and simpler to use. Please describe to me what exactly you find confusing or annoying.

I would like to add support for Arabic math/text. The problem is that I don’t know enough about it. If anyone can assist, please contact me – I will ask you few questions and will (eventually) send you Arabic-enabled software for testing.

In addition, I would like to know what problems are present when the Math-o-mir is used in other, non-english languages (locale settings)… Don’t hesitate to write even if your English is not perfect (mine is neither).

Send your mails to mathomir(at), or simply write comments on this blog.

I decided to release v1.52. Some features that I planned in this version will be postponed. That’s reality.