Today I released Math-o-mir v1.52 beta. Beta means that some features are missing, some will be changed later and, of course, that the program is only briefly tested. Good luck 🙂

What’s new:

  • Quick-type feature (see my last post on this blog) – in short, you can now type equations even without entering keyboard entry mode. The feature is useful in drawing mode when you need to quickly label anything.
  • The insertion point can now be touched even in the drawing mode (with the pen-like mouse pointer). Therefore, using the quick-type feature, you can now edit existing equations even directly in the drawing mode.
  • The CTRL key is upgraded – when you press-and-hold it while the drawing mode is selected, you will temporary exit the drawing mode and be able to move/copy objects around. (This feature existed already, but is now improved).
  • New mouse pointer icons – the mouse pointer icon will differ slightly when you select different drawing tools (free-hand, ellipse, rectangle, line). This way you know what tool is selected. This only works with these four most often used tools.
  • The ‘Combine’ and ‘Break apart’ options are implemented – in you can now combine drawings and break them apart. This is slightly different from grouping/ungrouping.
  • You can now hold the SHIFT key down while mouse-clicking at some context-menu options. The context menu will not be automatically closed, and you will be able to select more than one option in single context-menu-session.
  • I added ‘??’ option among other sizing options in the context menu. You can now resize your objects to exact value. Just click at the ‘??’ option and an entry box will appear. You can now enter any percentage value. (If you enter just a number, say ’40’, the new size will be 40% of the original size. If you enter ‘+40’ the resulting size will be 40% greater than the original. If you enter ‘-40’ then 40% smaller.)
  • For consistency reasons the TAB key doesn’t insert matrix column separator any more, but instead inserts a long-space-character. You need to use SHIFT+TAB to insert matrix column separator (this is consistent to SHIFT+ENTER for matrix row separators).
  • new commands are now possible: \alpha…\omega, \Alpha…\Omega, \approx, \aleph, \emptyset, \infty, \ast, \prod, \neq, \nabla, \times, \cdot, \bullet, \div, \oplus, \otimes, \cup, \cap, \sim, \cong, \equiv, \doteq, \parallel, \perp, \propto, \subset, \subseteq, \supset, \supseteq. This is mostly consistent with LaTeX…. In addition commands \star and \sp don’t exist any more.
  • It is now finally possible to access main menu options by keyboard using ALT+key combination (ALT+F – file menu, ALT+E -edit menu, ALT+V – view menu, ALT+O – options menu). You can disable this by unchecking ‘Options->Keyboard->ALT for menu shortcuts’. This way you will be able to enter epsilon and phi greek symbols even by using quick-type…. The F10 key doesn’t work yet.
  • To enter negative exponent you don’t have to use ALT+SHIFT+number combination any more. (This combination was problematic because ALT+SHIFT could change keyboard layout in multi-languague configurations.) Instead, you can now enter negative exponent by entering minus operator and then pressing ALT+number. For example, to write a^-1, you type ‘a’ then type ‘-‘ then press ALT+1.
  • You can now Zoom In by the F2 key, and Zoom out by the F3 key.
  • Fonts can now be changed. Use Options->Font->Font Faces. Along with the font face, you can now change character sets and font’s relative size. Note that font number 4 should remain ‘Symbol’, otherwise some mathematical symbols will not be displayed correctly.
  • Toolbox buttons are now shaded blue when mouse is hovering above them. For better visibility.

I hope to hear from you.