Even earlier the Math-o-mir had simple quick-typing feature – you could hover the mouse pointer above a formula and simply hit a keyboard key to replace/insert the character even without need to activate the keyboard entry mode. This was very useful to quickly change ‘+’ to ‘-‘, or make some other small correction.

Now I expanded this feature. Users can now use quick-typing even to enter multi-letter variables or multi-digit numbers. In fact almost all functionality of the keyboard entry mode is allowed (entering functions, fractions, exponents…). This is made possible because the mouse pointer is automatically repositioned as you type. I know that some people don’t like software that takes control over the mouse pointer.

I also made it possible to start the new equation that way. This is useful while hand drawing because you don’t even have to exit the drawing mode, but you can simply start typing (to label your drawings, perhaps). The disadvantage is that two modes of typing (the quick-typing and standard keyboard entry) my confuse users. Further disadvantage is that using ALT+letter to type greek symbols may prevent using ALT key to access main menu options. I have to think about it.

One bug was reported by David Kromek: when you use small, large or very large font size to type an equation and then you press CTRL+Z to undo last entry, the whole equation is reverted to normal font size. I corrected this easily.