As a notepad, the Math-o-mir is intended to be small and fast-starting tool. However, the new version grew to one megabyte in size and I feel uncomfortable about this. I spent several days optimizing the code, but without much success. The problem is that I like optimizing for speed, but not for size. Therefore, Math-o-mir is now slightly faster, but not lighter 🙂

I am thinking about Unicode support in next version. This would be a major change in code. Undecided yet.

The new version (1.51)  is out for more than on week now and the reception is mild. As expected. I still have no idea how to better  promote this freeware for free. Now I am reading math-related blogs as or …  As I probably said already, the Math-o-mir is downloaded about 1000 times a month, but I suspect that 10% only (or less) of these is actually used for more than 10 minutes. I suppose that this is normal. (BTW, did you ever notice that people insist to use things they paid expensively, but will easily forget about things they received cheaply. Even if the quality is about equal.)