I finally released new version. I decided to call it only a minor upgrade. There are no many/important features. Here are some:

  • Context menu facelift (blue hue, buttons)
  • Context menus are moveable – hold them at the upper left corner and move them around
  • New context menu options: expand outside / condense outside (hard to explain 🙂 )
  • New parentheses: ( ] and [ )
  • Free-walking cursor – by keyboard arrow keys you can move cursor around the document
  • Expressions are framed during keyboard entry (when appropriate)
  • Vertical orientation hot-key is changed from UpArrow to Shift+UpArrow
  • Home and End keyboard key support (jumps to beginning or end of equation).
  • PageUp/PageDown works now even in keyboard entry mode
  • Selection bolding – touched expressions will show in bold (if enabled)
  • Text/formula box toggling by the space bar key (only while the box is empty)
  • Text boxes now align left by default
  • Multi-monitor support
  • \space (\sp) command to insert a space between elements
  • Autosave function
  • On-wheel-zoom mouse pointer auto-adjustment

The CTRL+Z bug is addressed and hopefully solved. Special thanks to Victoria Gunn and Alvin Williams.

The new Math-o-mir can be downloaded from the homepage: http://gorupec.awardspace.com/mathomir.html

The new user manual is also downloadable from there.