Well indeed, it is surprising that you can find a most basic bug so late…. I was using Math-o-mir to calculate some oscillators, while I tried to extract ‘z’ from the equation ‘r=1/z^2’. The result was ‘z=-1/sqrt(r)’. An obvious sign error.

After some investigation, I found that the error was because the minus sign was not considered a constant. When a constant is extracted from, say ‘-2z’ the result would be ‘2’ instead of ‘-2’. The fix was easy, but it is fascinating that the bug went undiscovered until now.

I need more feedback from users! I am sure they discovered the same bug on the very first minute after Math-o-mir download.

There are more bugs of course. In the ‘simple variable mode’ or ‘very simple variable mode’ you cannot write too complex variable/function indexes. This is problem when you need to write limes function, for example. Not sure how to solve this. In addition, when you delete all letters of a variable that has index, the index is not deleted.