Since beginning of time  (okay, since I started Math-o-mir) I was troubled with the ‘parentheses awkwardness’. For example, you can write:

sin x

or you can write:


The first notation is used very often because it is simpler, faster and cleaner. And I wanted that you can use both in Math-o-mir.

Math-o-mir uses what I call ‘expression boxes’. These are placeholders (displayed as dashed rectangles when empty) where you can write your expressions. For example a fraction element has two such expression boxes, one for the numerator and the other for the denominator. Every expression box can have parentheses enabled (displayed) or not. By right-clicking on the expression box you can chose parentheses shape for an expression box. The notable element is the parentheses element – this is actually pure expression box with parentheses always enabled.

Every function, the sinus function also, has one expression box just after the function name. This is where you can enter the function argument. The function argument expression box can also have its parentheses enabled or not. The problem is when you type sinus function like this: sin (

In the moment you opened parentheses you didn’t actually enable parentheses for the function argument expression box. Instead you inserted the new parentheses element into the argument expression box.  This means that when you exit parentheses by moving cursor outside you will still be inside function argument expression box! You need to move cursor one more position to the right to exit the function argument. This causes major confusions.

I am thinking to make the following changes:

– if you press the ‘(‘ key to open parentheses as the very first thing inside the function argument, Math-o-mir will not insert the new parentheses element. Instead it will enable parentheses for the function argument expression box.

– some functions will automatically have parentheses enabled. For example ‘f x’ looks stupid. ‘f(x)’ is better.

– There will be no added space after function if the function is multiplied by another function: ‘sin x cos x’ instead of ‘sin x    cos x’.

I hope this way it would be more natural to use Math-o-mir.