Since v1.4 the Math-o-mir half-supports physical units.  You can put physical units into equations, like ’10kg+20kg’. When you want to enter a physical unit, you should start with the backslash – for example \kg, \m, \in, \kW…

I said half-supports because Math-o-mir cannot calculate with physical units. Okay, it will calculate ’10kg+20kg’ correctly, but any more complex case will produce unsatisfactory result. There are even cases when the result will be incorrect.

This was bothering me for some time… how much is: ’20 m / 5 s’ (twenty meters per five seconds)? Everybody knows that the result should be  ‘4 m/s’ (four meters per second).  But Math-o-mir doesn’t know it – it will provide an invalid result ‘4 m s’ (four meter-seconds).

The reason is because, at the moment, Math-o-mir understands physical units as separate variables. Instead (I think) it should work with value-unit pairs. In the above example, the ’20 m’ is one value-unit pair, and ‘5 s’ is the other value-unit pair. In a sense, there is a strong bond between value and unit, stronger than ordinary multiplication.

This is what I hope I will work on following days. I am still not sure what exactly will I do (it is difficult to change the code to work with value-unit pairs, instead I might use some tricks).

I suppose it is summer – nobody uses the Internet any more. Nobody visits my sites and nobody downloads Math-o-mir. Disapointed. The traffic is 50% what it used to be.