Few minutes ago, I released the new Math-o-mir version. It can be downloaded from the homepage. In several days, it will be also available on major shareware/freeware download sites around the world.

Some new features are:

MathML presentation support – the Math-o-mir can convert and output equations in MathML-p format now. This can be useful if you want to publish your math on web. Content MathML is not supported yet.

substitutions – You can now substitute variable(s) from one equation to other using mouse drag-and-drop-like action. Pick up one equation (from which you want to extract a variable) and right click to the same variable in the other equation. The Math-o-mir will extract and substitute.

systems of equations – by selecting more than one equation , you can right-click to the selection to solve the equation system. This is used for simplest cases only, and its primary purpose is to substitute specific values into general equations. Like when you have an equation: y=2xz+z/x and you want substitute x=2, z=4. You select all three equations and you get the result y=18.

improved keyboard handling – among others, there is possibility to write multi-letter variables even in symple variable mode or very simple variable mode. You just start the variable with the (single qoutation mark) and you will be able to write multi-letter variables. Example: ‘something

integer factorization – just right-click to an integer value and you will see it in factorized form.

improved startup – the Math-o-mir was already starting fast, but now it works even cleaner.

I hope to hear from you.