One of most common operations in math, at least for me, is to rearrange order of summands in an expression. I like to have them grouped in some logical order. For example, when I have ‘x+2xz-2yz-5’, I might want to rearrange it into ‘2xz-2yz+x-5’.

To make this easier in Math-o-mir, I included a simple feature… if you point your mouse at the right side of ‘+’ or ‘-‘ operator, then everything, the operator itself and the summand to the right, will be selected. You can then easily pick it up or cut/delete.

The real problem is the very first summand in an expression because there is usually no ‘+’ sign just in front of it. Therefore you usually must use SHIFT + mouse drag to select it. An additional problem is when you want to select the summand, but without the preceeding operator.

I got an idea to select the whole summand if one right-click at any insertion point inside it. For example, when you right-click between ‘x’ and ‘z’ in the following expression  ‘x+2xz-2yz-5’, then the ‘2xz’ would be selected and context menu opened. (At the moment, nothing happens when you right-click at the insertion point).

I am still not sure whether I will implement it or not. I have to think about it.

I got a nice e-mail from mr. Phil Wagner. He made a short Math-o-mir review on his blog:

What makes me most happy is that Math-o-mir might find a good use in his classroom.