This weekend Math-o-mir learned how to solve systems of equations. At least simple ones. By selecting relevant equations and right-clicking, the Math-o-mir will provide solution(s). For example:



The solution is provided as two separate equations: x=2 and y=1. Unfortunately, you can pick just one of these two equations and place it into your document (do the right-click again, to pick up the other one). This is limited by the way the context menu is working (only one option can be chosen).

Still there is work to be done… and testing, testing….

I found a stupid bug…. When you click at upside-down triangle in the context menu near any provided solution, the solution is placed just below the original equation. However, because of the bug, the vertical distance varied in dependance of the current zoom level. For example, if the zoom level was high, the solution is placed way down. Funny that I didn’t notice it before.