Lately, I am concerned with Math-o-mir advertising. That is, letting peopole know about it… I am unhappy with my results. Sure, I am very limited because I can only use methods that cost nothing (you see, the Math-o-mir is freeware and I don’t want to spend money. I am spending my time, instead).

Most people find the Math-o-mir by searching freeware/shareware sites. Very small number of peopele find it using major search engines. I suppose I should work on keywords. Any idea?… From time to time, some authoritative source, makes a brief Math-o-mir review, and then I feel ten-fold increase in demand.

Yesterday I created a new page with Math-o-mir screenshots:

Yeasterday evening I was still working on substitution of variables. Hopefully finished now – more testing is required. Still not completly happy with the implementation of this feature because it feels confusing somtimes.

Concerning my latest post, I found one additional Math-o-mir review. Here you can find ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ list: