Math-o-mir beta 5

The direct download link should be here (this is the first time I am trying the direct download links from the google drive, I hope it will work).

Despite the fact that there is a minimal amount of changes in this beta 5, I still decided to upload it just because I did not refresh the software status for a looong time. What is new is that an expression cannot be touched (highlighted) any more by pointing the mouse pointer just above it (it can still be touched by pointing the mouse pointer just below it). Hopefully this will reduce touchiness of the user interface… Other than that, I just did some minimal optimizations and that’s all.


Math-o-mir 2.1 beta 4

Another quick software update can be downloaded from here.

This beta includes support for long-time-missing ceiling and floor functions (brackets). These brackets can be selected from popup menu as any other bracket type, or they can be generated by using \ceil and \floor commands… Only the numerical computation for the floor/ceiling functions is supported so that at least graphs can be plotted.

Several bugs are corrected, among them one that was crashing the software (when working with tables – thanks Maximilian), and another other one that was causing GDI resource leakage.

I played a little with optimization settings, but the improvement is minuscule. Still the new beta is few kilobytes shorter than the previous one, making me happy.

Smooth scrolling

The new 2.1 beta3 can be downloaded from here. (This is a Google-drive link. I don’t know what is happening with my Dropbox account and why Dropbox links do not work any more. Strange.)

My new laptop has this horrible trackpad and this got me motivated to implement smoother vertical scrolling in Math-o-mir. While smooth scrolling might slightly decrease responsiveness, it allows your eyes to more easily track document as it scrolls. If you have an erratic mouse/trackpad, I am sure you will benefit from it… And if you own a pointing device that behaves nicely, I hope there will be no drawbacks. In any case, let me know.

I slightly rearranged zoom levels.

Finally, I implemented auto-scrolling. It is when you are doing something with your mouse, like dragging objects, and your mouse pointer exits out of the client window borders, the document scrolls automatically into that direction. The scrolling is not aggressive (or should not be), but still some people might not like it. If so, let me know to add a menu option ‘disable auto-scrolling’.

Dropbox and Google Drive

Well, it seems that I am having some problems with Dropbox. If you are not able to download from Dropbox download links, maybe you can try following Google Drive links (let me know if it works):

Latest beta:

Last official release:

Key’s upper character

I just changed the way the software is determining the upper character of a keyboard key (the one that you can obtain with the Shift key) – you can download the beta2 from here. The previous solution was particularly bad because the software would actually generate keystrokes when it started to determine upper/lower character pairs.

I was warned that this might trigger accelerator keystrokes on some machines when the software starts. It should not happen any more. If you still find something wrong with the new solution, please report it to me.

(As you might know, when you long-press a keyboard key in Math-o-mir, the key turns uppercase. It is for this feature that the software needed to determine upper/lower character pairs.)

Toolbox ‘upgrade’ favors Linux users (2.1beta)

You can find the new 2.1 beta here. In comparison to the last official version, there are few bugs exterminated. The only new feature is a slight ‘upgrade’ of the toolbox and toolbar.

As mentioned in my former post, due to Wine compatibility issues I decided to configure toolbox and toolbar windows as child windows (not popup windows as it was before). Hopefully the user experience for Linux users will be somewhat better now; bearable perhaps.

The new toolbox is shrinkable – it will shrink to a degree if you make the window small. Because child windows cannot protrude from the main window, I had to make it shrinkable. You may see it as a step backward or a as a step forward – I cannot decide for myself… At least dragging (moving) the window around now looks cleaner.

If you are a Linux user, let me know if it got any better. If you are a Windows user, let me know if it got any worse.

Troubles with Wine (WS_POPUP window style)

More than once I received a warning that Math-o-mir does not behave perfectly under Wine (Wine is a software that enables running Windows programs on Linux machines). Specifically:

  • The toolbox and toolbar remain displayed at the top of the screen even if Math-o-mir main window gets deactivated and is buried below other windows
  • In addition, once the main window gets minimized and then restored again, the toolbox/toolbar will be missing and there is no action that will show themĀ  except to restart the software.

The last precise bug report, with screenshots, came from Adam H. (thanks Adam). At the moment we found out that declaring a toolbox/toolbar window as a child window (WS_CHILD) will work fine, but declaring a windows as a popup window (WS_POPUP) causes the described problems in Wine. I can easily declare the overhead toolbar as WS_CHILD and this is what I will do. The left-side toolbox is more problematic as it should be drawn even outside the main window area and should be therefore declared WS_POPUP.

So, if anyone reading this have any idea what is going on with WS_POPUP style windows in Wine, please let me know.